An Art We Learn by Doing

I've been reading a book a friend gave to us when our first child was born called The Parents Tao Te Ching by William Martin. The foreword is titled "An Art We Learn by Doing." The title alone describes my last few months, not just with parenting but with my work. My art is inspired by engaging in the world around me. Just like my kids need my full & real attention, so does my art. With that, however, comes less time in front of this wonderful box I'm peering into as I write. I promise to post more here (I have a multitude of work and projects in a folder titled Blog To Do staring at me!) and on my Facebook page soon, but in the meantime I leave you with a quote I love from this book and a few pics of my Loves. 


To be a wise parent you must become like water. It is content to nourish all it touches without discrimination. While people struggle to move up, water flows joyfully down, filling the low places.

As you care for your children keep their environment uncluttered, free of useless gadgets and distractions. Keep your conversations honest and straightforward, free of control and manipulation. Keep your decisions fair and generous, free of punishment and shame.

As you conduct your life, be serene and joyful, content and at peace. This will be your greatest legacy. Nothing nurtures a child like a parent who takes great pleasure from a simple activity, and is content with the present moment. Are you modeling contentment or always wanting "more?"


C&W at Amelia Island last summer (July 2014). We are counting down the moments until our toes touch the sand in a few weeks.