How to Choose

I have the daunting task this winter of choosing new images for my website. I will admit it, I really don't like updating my website because there never seems to be a good time to stop my work and look through old shoots for my favorite images. I keep telling myself that is what my blog is for, but I know, it's time.  I found myself procrastinating on editing a wedding (shhh don't tell Morgan, it's her wedding!) this morning, and I disappeared into folders and folders of previous portrait sessions just smiling at the screen as I looked at these adorable faces from years past. I wanted to share just a few with you that caught my eye. The last shot is my son, Cole, who is now 20 months. Kind of made me want to cry seeing him only a few days old  here. I hope you enjoy these happy faces...some of them may be your own. PS- if you have a favorite LNP shot, feel free to email me and we will consider it for our website!