Letterpress Love

Almost 15 years ago, I asked a couple (that at the time was way over my price range) to create my logo and all my branding for my new company. My goal was to spend money on something that would last forever. I remember thinking what a unique color combination- red, blue, chartreuse, but it worked. And I loved that they also included peonies, my favorite flower, into the branding concept.

I'm big on consistency when it comes to all facets of my business. I'm really not a creature of habit (what artist it?!) But, I do have my moments where I crave and love reliability. I have some favorite restaurants I go in town; I order the same thing every time, and every time it's delicious. So I keep going back. I have always used that concept with my business for years. Not that I bore myself and my clients with the same old pictures. But, I feel strongly in my brand and what I deliver. I don't stray much or follow trends. I don't look often to other photographers' work to compare. I do look to artists and talented figures from around the world for inspiration, but I stay rooted in what I believe in. I want to give beautiful, natural, and timeless pictures that could hold their own in a sliver frame for generations. 

So a few months ago, I started to get low on business cards. I wanted something different this time, so I went to Callie Burnette with Calliespondance to create the design. She immediate understood that I wanted a classic and elegant small card that could couple as both a business card and a notecard. So here it is: a beautiful letterpress card with gold gilded edging, and an envelope liner with the peony design from my original branding. I swoon over these things. Just like film is not dead, the art of letter writing is not as well!