LNP Home

It's a fact: I am surrounded by the world of design.  My husband is a builder and my mother is an interior designer. I also share studio space with another interior designer. My clients and relatives are in the industry...the list goes on. Architecture + Design inspire me and often affect the way I shoot my wedding + portrait photographs. So, If you can believe it my husband and mother have teamed up together on several projects over the last few years. Yes, it's weird that on some days they see and talk to each other more than I do, however, I love it when they collaborate and I get the fun job of photographing their projects when they are done.   This house is an adorable house in Garden Hills and the owner Laurie is such a wonderful person that we have all loved getting to know. Well done hubby & mamma! PS - I couldn't resist putting my son, W, in this great chair during the shoot. Typical crazy hair day!