It's a beautiful day outside, and as I'm sitting here writing this post, I have the doors open to my office listening to the kids on the playground and feeling very content. There is nothing like a gorgeous Friday afternoon and having grown up in Florida, I embrace the warm weather and the first signs of spring! I've had two families visit the studio today and they both brought their little ones with them. I am absolutely loving the portrait side of this business because just like weddings, I get to spend very special moments with families. I also just fall in love with these precious babies and children! Their innocence and the way their parents LOVE them is just beyond words. Hence, my love for photography. Somehow a photo can just show this love. Okay, so on to this post. I saw this love with M's parents the other week. She is their first and they are just smitten with her. How can they not be with those beautiful blue eyes, curls and that sweet smile! Happy Friday everyone.