Missy & Tug - Sea Island, Georgia - Part I

The morning of Missy & Tug's wedding, the weather channel predicted a large storm and a 70% chance of rain. Sea Island is a photographer's dream, so when it rains on a wedding day there, my heart always sinks a bit knowing there will be so many outdoor shots that I just won't be able to capture for the bride and groom. Fortunately, everyone's prayers were answered and the rain held off, the clouds stayed (perfect for shooting), and it only started to rain during the reception. Just the right amount of good luck for the bride and groom! I loved Dr. Vic Penz's homily during Missy & Tug's ceremony. It was one of those ceremonies that focused on marriage and not just the wedding day. It felt magical. Missy, being a fashion designer for her company Lissa Mar, designed her wedding gown, the bridesmaids' dresses, and the dresses for the mother of the bride and mother of the groom. They were stunning. The reception was held at Missy's parents' beachfront home. Missy is so creative, and she and her mother did an amazing job creating every bride's dream reception! It was a beautiful setting. The flowers by Kelly at The Vine were amazing. It was a great combination of a Masters theme (where Missy & Tug were engaged) and beautiful feminine bouquets. The custom bar created in the center of the tent and the plexiglass dance floor that covered the family's pool were both out of this world. I always enjoy working with Louise & Mora Hanlon with Classic Weddings, and Mike Henry with Atlanta Wedding Productions. Click here to see his awesome wedding video. This is just Part I, so check back very soon for Part II of this fabulous wedding!