Rachel & Zachary - Park City, UT

We shot the most photographs we've ever shot for Rachel & Zachary's beautiful destination wedding in Park City/Deer Valley! We just couldn't help it, and here are just a few reasons why: Park City and it’s natural beauty- what more could we ask for with the perfect temperature and clear blue sky, Rachel and all her friends’ incredible style, how natural Zach, our groom, was in front of the camera, the lighting at the reception, dancing to the Hoorah before dinner even began- that’s a way to start a party!, Rachel's dress--AMAZING!, Tova Glenn's (Rachel's talented sister who owns Brighten My Day; she did both my wedding invitation & my sister's!) beautiful graphic design elements that were seen throughout the wedding weekend, my awesome associates Jenica & Katie who I had a blast laughing with out of sheer photographic joy and long hours of shooting! Thank you Lunds and Felsons for bringing us to Utah to cover such a fabulous weekend! Congratulations Rachel & Zach!

To view Rachel and Zach's wedding weekend slideshows visit: www.lauranegriphotography.com/slideshows/lund.felsonrehearsal www.lauranegriphotography.com/slideshows/lund.felson